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Banknotes of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
First issue of the Central bank - 1 9 6 1 

     A 10 Rls. banknote from the first issue of the Central Bank of Iran, released in 1961. The appearance of the banknote is exactly the same as the previous series published by the National bank of Iran.

      Top: Front.Shah's portrait on the right and his profile in the water mark area. Scripts: From top to bottom: 'Bank-e- Markazie-e- Iran' (Central Bank of Iran), ' Dah Rial' ( Ten Rls.),  Signatures:   Right: Minister of wealth; Abdolbaaghi Sho'aa'ee ;   Left: The general director: Ebraahim Kashani.    Date: '1340' (1961).

      Bottom: Back. Karaj's dam.


20 Rials

With the same characteristics of the National bank's series .

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