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Banknotes of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
Golden jubilee of Pahlavi dynasty  - 1 9 7 6


A 100 Rls. banknote, commemorating the Pahlavi jubilee in 1976. This issue is released only in one denomination and it's a unique banknote in the history of paper money in Iran as it holds the portrait of two shahs from the Pahlavi dynasty on the front side: Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi & his crowned father Reza Shah Pahlavi. The general appearance of the banknote is the same as its definite series except for the portrait of the shahs and the old building of the National Bank of Iran on the front side and the emblem at the back.

        In 1976, reference of the calendar was changed to the Imperial years and the Hejri years were not used any more. In the middle of the emblem of the Pahlavi jubilee the Imperial year of 2535 (1976) is placed. 

       Top:  Front. Busts of Shah Mohammad Reza  & Shah Reza Pahlavi on the right and the profile of Shah for the watermark. The building of the National Bank of Iran is noted below the signatures, although the banknote is published by the Central bank of Iran.
 above : ' Bank-e- Markazi-e- Iran '(Central bank of Iran) ; ' Sad Rial ' ( One hundred Rls.).
Right: Minister of wealth affairs: Hooshang Ansaari.  Left: General director: Hasanali Mehran.

      Bottom:  Back. Emblem of the 50th anniversary of Pahlavi reign. With some changes in the background comparing the definite series.  Script:   'Panjahomin saal-e- Shahanshahi-e- Pahlavi, 2535 '( The 50th year of Pahlavi reign, 1976).

Commemorative Coins of the Pahlavi golden jubilee

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