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Banknotes of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire  - 1 9 7 1


This banknote is printed on the occasion of the 2500th anniversary of foundation of the Persian empire in 1971 during the related celebrations. Since 1964, date of publication were omitted from the banknotes but again in this issue the year of release is mentioned below the Shah's portrait.

      In comparison with 50 Rls. banknotes of definite series, the Shah's bust is the same but the background of the banknote is redesigned, using lighter colors. This is the only banknote with the portrait of Shah on both sides.


     Top: Front side. The shah's portrait is on the right side and his profile is used for the watermark.
 above : ' Bank-e- Markazi-e- Iran '(Central bank of Iran) ; ' Panjaah Rial ' ( Fifty Rls.) ; Date: '1350' (1971).
Right: Minister of wealth: Jamshid Amoozegar.  Left: General director: Abdolali Jahaanshahi.

      Bottom: Backside.  Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi while granting ownership documents to peasants in the land reform in mid 1960s. 

This 100 Rls. is published on the occasion of the 2500th anniversary of the Persian empire foundation. Feature of the banknote is completely different from the definite series and only the portrait of Shah resembles such issues. Date of the publication is noted on the front side of the banknote unlike definite issues.


Top:   Front.  The bust of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on the right and his profile in the water mark area.       Script: ' Bank-e- Markazi-e- Iran ' ( Central Bank of Iran) ; ' Sad Rial' ( One hundred Rls.); Date: 1350 (1971).    Signatures : Minister of wealth: Jamhid Amoozegar, General director : Mehdi Sami'ee .

Bottom:   Back.  Emblems and symbolic features of the three improving hosts founded by the Shah's order in 1960's. Left: Host of Health. Middle: Host of repose and cultivation. Right: host of literacy.

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