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 Banknotes of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
  Third issue  -   1 9 4 8 / 1 9 5 1   


Banknotes of the third series were printed in a smaller size than the first issue in 1948 and were reprinted in 1951. The portrait of Shah is a bit smaller mostly due to its restricted borders. The images at the back side are unique drawings from ancient places in Iran, that were never used again. All the banknotes of this issue are without date and the warning box on the obverse side is ommited. 

Signatures: General director (right) : Abolhasan Ebtehaaj ; Government's inspector (left): Ali Baamdaad.

10 Rials

Reverse: Winged dragon, Sassanid era (Circa 600 A.D.) .

20 Rials

Reverse: Fight of a Lion & a bull from Persepolis carvings.

50 Rials

Reverse: Carvings of the Persepolis.

100 Rials

Reverse: Carvings of the Persepolis. 


200 Rials

Reverse: Veresk bridge in the Northern railroad of Iran.

500 Rials

Reverse: A miniature painting from Chehelsotoon Palace in Isfahan- Safavid era (Circa 1600 A.D.)

1000 Rials

Reverse: A scene from mount Damaavand & Jaajrud river.


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