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 Banknotes of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
   Seventh issue  -   1 9 5 8   


These are the last banknotes ever printed by the National bank of Iran and after 1961 all paper moneys are published by the Central Bank of Iran. Stereotypes of this issue is used for the first series of the Central bank and only the name of the bank is changed on both sides. This issue is printed only in 3 denominations: 10, 20 & 200 Rials. The 200 Rials banknote is ver similar to the 200 Rials of the forth issue and minor denominations have watermark. The printed date on the banknotes is 1337 (1958).

Signatures:  General director (right) : Ebrahim Kashani ; Government's inspector (left):  Mohammad Razi Vishkaa'ii.

10 Rials

Reverse: Karaj Dam.

20 Rials

 Reverse: Pahlavi grand hotel in Raamsar, North of Iran.

200 Rials

Reverse: Mehrabaad airport in Tehran.



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