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 Banknotes of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
  Fourth & fifth issue  -   1 9 5 2 / 1 9 5 4   


In these issues, there is no watermark on the minor denominations (10 & 20 Rials banknotes). Shah's portrait is seen in suit and tie, an appearance that never repeated again on the banknotes. Banknotes of these issues are in 5 denominations.


Fourth  series :  General director (right) : Ebrahim Zand ; Government's inspector (left): on 10, 20 & 200 banknotes: Ahmad Razavi; On  50 & 100 Rials banknotes: Mohammad Ali Varasteh.

Fifth  series :  General director (right) : Ali Asghar Naaser ; Government's inspector (left): on 10, 20 & 100 banknotes: Nezaameddin Emaami; On the 50 Rials banknotes: Nasrollah Jahaangir.

10 Rials

From the 4th series.
Reverse: The Imperial stamp of King Darius- 500 B.C.

20 Rials

From the 5th series.
 Reverse: Aali Ghaapoo Palace in Isfahan, Safavid era.

50 Rials

From the 4th series.
  Darius's Palace in Persepolis.

100 Rials

From the 4th series.
Reverse: A
bas-relief from Persepolis showing the court of King Darius the great.

200 Rials

Obverse: Portrait of the young Shah and a view from Persepolis. 

Reverse: Allah Verdikhan bridge in Isfahan, Safavid era. 



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