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 Banknotes of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era
  First issue  -   1 9 4 2   


The first series of banknotes published in the reign of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi are exactly the same as the last issues of the Shah Reza Pahlavi and only the portrait of Shah on the front side of the banknotes was changed and equality to Pahlavi Golds (Pahlavi unit) is no more used on the banknotes. Digits are printed in Persian.

Signatures: General director (right) : Abolhasan Ebtehaaj ; Government's inspector (left): Ali Baamdaad.

5 Rials

Reverse: Shrine of prophet Danial in Shusha.

10 Rials

Reverse: A scene from Alborz mountains in the North of Iran.

Two types of this banknote are available:
one with red numbers and the other with darker numbers, with no difference in value.

20 Rials

Obverse: Portrait of the young Shah, national emblem of the Lion & sun and a view from Tchara palace in Persepolis. 

Reverse: A scene from railway bridges in the North of Iran. 

100 Rials

Obverse: Portrait of the young Shah, and a view from the central building of the National bank of Iran in Tehran. 

Reverse: Shipping in Caspian sea and the national emblem of the Lion & Sun. Pahlavi crown is the watermark of this issue.


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