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Banknotes of Reza Shah Pahlavi era
Second issue - 1 9 3 5



    Banknotes of the second issue are exactly the same as the first series and only the portrait of Reza Shah Pahlavi is substituted with a larger one. This issue is reprinted for two series, one in 1935 and the second reprint in 1936. In the first release, banknotes were published in 6 denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1000 Rials and in the second release, the 5 Rials banknote was published instead of the 500 Rials one. Date of publication is hand stamped on the backside of the banknotes. Signatures of the first release are by Abdolhossein Hajir as the inspector of the government in the National bank of Iran on the right side and Hossein Alaa as the General director of the national bank on the left side and in the second reprint they are by Rezagholi Amir Khosravi & Abdolhosein Hajir consecutively. 

5 Rials

From the second release.

10 Rials

From the second release.


20 Rials

From the first release.

50 Rials

From the second release.
Obverse: A famous scene from Chehelsotoon Palace in Isfahan.

Reza shah 100 banknote

100 Rials

Specimen of the first release.
Obverse: A  scene from Apadana Palace in Pesrsepolis.

Third series

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