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Coins of Shah Reza Pahlavi era
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Pahlavi crown

Shah Reza Pahlavi (18771944) was the first king of the Pahlavi dynasty who ruled for about 16 years from 1925 to 1941. He began his career as an army officer and gained a reputation for great valor and leadership. He became the minister of War and soon headed a coup in 1921 and became prime minister of the new government in 1923 and recieved the title of 'Sardaar Sepah' (The commander of the forces).  He deposed (1925) Ahmad Shah, the last king of the Qajar dynasty, and  founded the Pahlevi dynasty.  In World War II his rapprochement with the Germans was protested by the Allies, and in 1941 British and Russian forces invaded and occupied Iran. Forced to abdicate in favor of his son, Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlevi, he died in exile in South Africa.

During his reign, 3 different types of coins were minted. But in the transitional period from Qajar to Pahlavi dynasty, when he was the premiere, a new series of coins were invented which did not mention the name  of the Qajar king. Minted coins during the reign of Reza Shah pahlavi are listed as below:


  Transitional Period

  First series with the Kiani crown

  Second series, with the Pahlavi crown

  Third series with the new unit



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