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Coins of Shah Reza Pahlavi era
Transitional period - 1 9 2 5


In this period, although the Ahmad shah Qajar was officially the king of Iran, but his premiere Reza was in real power and was planning to change the monarchy system into a republic. This never happened but instead Reza Shah came into power as the king of Iran and the kingdom of Qajars came to an end. The following coins were minted in this chaotic era hence the script on the coins mentions: 'Raayej-e Mamlekat-e Iran' (The currency of the Iranian Territory). The obverse of the coins still contain the emblem of the Lion & Sun with the Kiani crown of the Qajar kings. Unlike the Qajarian coins, the date is changed from Lunar A.H into Iranain Solar A.H (1304) except for some early minted coins that are in minor denominations.

These coins were minted in large numbers for 2 years (1304-1305 S.A.H / 1925-1926 A.D.) but minor coins were reminted later without any change and surprisingly with the Qajar crown.


2000 & 5000 Dinars

Right: A silver 5000 Dinars coin minted in 1304/1925. Note the Kiani crown on the obverse of the coin. Unlike qajarian coins, the date was minted below the emblem of the Lion and sun and the value of the coin was on reverse.

Left: A silver 2000 Dinars coin minted in 1305/1926. Note the Kiani crown on the obverse of the coin.

Although these coins were minted only for 2 years (1925-1926), they are not very rare as so many Qajar silver coins were melted for the mintage of these coins.

50, 100 & 250 Dinars

Right: A silver 250 Dinars coin or one quarter or 5 Shahi coin minted in 1315/1935. Note the Kiani crown on the obverse. 

Middle: A silver 100 Dinars coin. Note the Kiani crown on both sides.

Left: A silver 50 Dinars coin minted. Note the Kiani crown on both sides.

Copper 50 Dinars

A copper 50 Dinars coin or one Shahi coin minted in Tehran. The coin is larger than its silver equivalent. On the obverse of the coin, a feminine faced sun is minted instead of the Lion & sun emblem. Note the Kiani crown on both sides. 



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