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Order of Zolfaghar
Orders and medals of Shah Reza Pahlavi era
1925 - 1941

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Order Of Zolfaghar

   The origin of this order dates back to the Qajar era, when Nasser al-din Shah Qajar founded the insignia of "Temsal-e Amir almomenin" (Portrait of the commander of faithful)in 1856. By the reign of Shah Reza Pahlavi, the order was modified and renamed as Zolfaghar, the sword of Imam Ali in 1925. The order was awarded for gallantry and bravery.

The order consisted of a 5 pointed star, bearing the enameled portrait of Imam Ali and two Zolfaghar swards are crossed behind the star among multiple rays.

The original order was founded in 3 classes : The first class was a sash & badge, second class consisted of a neck badge & collar and the third class was a medal bar as shown above.

1    Imam Ali is the first Shiite Muslim leader,  possessing  a special scimitar with two blades, called Zolfaghar.

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