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Order of Pahlavi
Orders and medals of Shah Reza Pahlavi era
1925 - 1941

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Order Of Pahlavi

     This order was founded by Shah Reza Pahlavi in 1926 as the premier royal order. The order came in two classes. The first class, the grand collar, was worn by the Shah, the crown prince and the foreign heads of states. The second class order, grand cordon, was used by princes. Empress Fawzia * is the only female recipient of the grand cordon on occasion of the birth of the shah's first daughter, princess Shahnaaz.

     The order consists of an enameled disc shaped object in the middle with the image of the mount 'Damaavand ' ** and two wreaths of laurel on two sides . The name of Pahlavi is written above and the year 1304 (1926) at the bottom. Four jeweled Pahlavi crowns made of platinum surround this disc in four different directions and between each two crowns is embedded with golden straight rays. The whole order consists of a collar, collar badge, sash and a sash badge, all worn together. The sash is in cornflower blue moiré with yellow borders.

     The heads of states who had taken part in the 2500th anniversary of foundation of the Persian empire celebrations, received the first class order of Pahlavi.

     The order worn by shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi when he was the crown prince, is now kept in the museum of 'Saaheb qaraanieh palace'  in Tehran with so many other invaluable orders and medals.


*    The shah's first wife, sister of 'Malek Farough' , the ex-king of Egypt. They separated after 4 years as the princess didn't  get used to the Persian court and left Iran to Cairo. Over there she married to her cousin and left Egypt with the Royal family on the coup de tat of Jamal Nasser. Now she is heard to live in Switzerland.

**   The highest peak in Iran with an altitude of 5671 meters above the sea level.

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