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Coins of the Qajar dynasty
1796 - 1925 

 Qajar dynasty is actually one of the most famous dynasties in the history of Iran. They ruled over the country for about 130 years and during this period, Iran confronted so many different historical events. This dynasty was founded by Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar in 1796 and after him, six other kings came to throne. This period can be called as the transitional period toward modernization in Iran which came into cessation by the foundation of the Pahlavi dynasty by Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1925. This effect is well seen even in the techniques of coinage. Early in this period, coins were still made by the old hammering methods but later, in the era of Nasser al-din Shah Qajar (b. 1831- d. 1896) , new methods of mintage were introduced and the first official mint house was founded in Iran ( Called as Zarraab Khaneh Mobaarakeh).  

A hammered gold coin, belonging to the era of Fath'ali Shah Qajar
 (r. 1797 - 1834).

Also, commemorative coins were minted for the first time in Iran and coins were released in different denominations. This era is  contemporaneous to foundation of the first bank in Iran: The Imperial bank of Persia. Hence there happened a real revolution in the banking system of the country.

    Cuurency units of Iran in the era of Qajar dynasty:

Major unit Toomaan
Minor unit Dinar
1 Toomaan 10000 Dinars
1 Qerran 100 Dinars

   Here, we have only exhibited some minted coins since the era of Nasser al-din Shah Qajar but not the old hammered coins prior to this time. The web pages are sorted in historical order, from the era of Nasser al-din Shah Qajar to the last king of this era, Ahmad Shah Qajar.

Here you can view the coins of Qajar  dynasty:

Naser al-din Shah Qajar

Mozaffar al-din shah Qajar

Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar

Ahmad Shah Qajar

Commemorative coins.


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