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Commemorative Coins of Qajar era.

   Of all events that happened in the era of Qajar dynasty, visits of Nasser al-din Shah Qajar & Mozaffar al-din Shah to Europe are somehow more significant. Nasser al-din Shah Qajar is the first Persian king who have ever visited Europe. He traveled to Europe three times , first in 1873. These visits played a great role in his impact toward the world but unfortunately it was just about his ambitions! On the occasion of  his visits to England, some commemorative coins were minted which three of them are shown below. These coins, minted all in England, are extremely rare , especially the one minted on behalf of his last trip to England that is incredibly magnificent.  Also, there exists a coin on behalf of his royal visit to Germany, shown at the bottom of the page.  

This coin is made of brass alloy & dates back to June 1873.
On the reverse, Nasser al-din Shah is seen with his royal uniform and an aigrette that is now present in the museum of crown jewels in Tehran.

A bronze coin commemorating Nasser al-din Shah's visit to England.

This bronze medallion is minted during  the second visit of Nasser aldin Shah to England.

Obverse:  Portrait of Nasser al-din Shah with a brilliant aigrette.
Reverse:  Londinia standing between the arms of Persia and London with St.Paul's and the Tower of London in the background. Note that on the Persian shield there is a resting lion with a rising sun behind it. This emblem was used personally by Nasser al-din shah Qajar eatra than the official Lion & sun on the flag.
This coin is placed in an original velvet royal box, that is rarely found nowadays.

 It is a German silver medal minted in 1889 on the occasion of the Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar's visit to Berlin in June 1889.

 Obverse: Facing bust of the Shah in field marshal uniform.

Reverse: Head of William II to right.

Diameter: 29 mm;  Weight: 9.25 gr.

   There are also many other commemorative coins, minted on the occasion of Persian Shahs' visits to Europe, from which the commemorative gold coin of Mozaffar al-din Shah's visit to Brussel (Now kept in the Museum of crown jewels of Iran) is the most famous one.  

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