IRAN Collection
Banknotes of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Definite series - 1981

    Here are the first original banknotes printed by the Central bank of the Islamic republic of Iran. In previous series, the style of the Shah's era banknotes were used. Denominations of 100 & 2000 were added later to this issue. These banknotes are still in circulation in Iran except for the 2000, 5000 & 10000 Rls. banknotes which were published with a new design and the 1000 Rials notes that underwent some minor changes but previous issue are still valuable.

100 Rials

First issue: December 1985
Obverse: Portrait of Ayatollah Modarres (An opposing MP at the time of Shah Reza Pahlavi).
Reverse :  Building of the Islamic Assembly of Iran (ex-Senate).
Watermark: Allah emblem on all issues.

200 Rials

First issue: August 1982
Obverse: A view from the Grand mosque of Yazd city.
Reverse :  Workers of Jihad for construction.
Watermark: Allah emblem on first issues & profile of Ayatollah Khomeini on latest issues.

500 Rials

First issue: March 1982
Obverse: Friday prayers.
Reverse :  Main gate of the Tehran University.
Watermark: Allah emblem on first issues & profile of   Mohammad Fahmideh a martyr in the war with Iraq in later issues.

1000 Rials

First issue: 1981
Obverse: Feizia school of theology in Qom.
Reverse :  The Dome of Rock  in Jerusalem.
Watermark: Allah emblem on first issues & profile of   Mohammad Fahmideh.

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