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Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi era


 The following gallery depicts commemorative coins minted in the era of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on so many different royal occasions. Being an imperial country, several gold and silver coins and medals were minted every year to commemorate the royal events. These coins were often released in limited numbers, therefore, some of them are now considered as extremely rare.  The coins are all minted in the mint house of the National Bank of Iran that owned the monopoly of coinage in Iran. Here, the coins are listed regarding their occasion.


Mother's day

Religious coins

Norouz ceremony

The White revolution

Coronation ceremony

Golden jubilee of Pahlavi dynasty

100th birthday of Reza Shah Pahlavi

Silver anniversary of the Shah's reign

Foundation of the National Bank of Iran

Birthday anniversary of the crown prince

Birthday of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

2500th anniversary of foundation of the Persian Empire




     Gold coins were minted in 6 different sizes in Iran during the Shah's reign. The referee coin was 1 Pahlavi with a diameter of about 2.2 cm. The other sizes were Pahlavi, Pahlavi, 2.5 Pahlavi, 5 & 10 Pahlavi.
     After the Islamic revolution, the name of the coins were changed into 'Bahaar-e Azaadi' (Spring of freedom) in the same sizes as Pahlavi coins but the 10 Pahlavi size was never minted again.
      Since the revolution of 1979, only two commemorative gold coins are minted. One on the occasion of the Imam Ali's year in the year 2000, in two sizes: 1 & and the other one in 2006 to commemorate the year of the Holy prophet, Mohammad.

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